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Sammen for Hammerfest!
Hammerfest - a great place to live

Hammerfest - a great place to live!

Hammerfest lives in harmony with its magnificent natural surroundings, rich in resources and in tune with the opportunities of the modern age. Life in Hammerfest has always been deeply rooted in natural advantages, such as fishing, Arctic fishery, not to mention international trade and industry and driven by the enterprising and eternally optimistic people who live here. Exca- vations on Melkøya and at Slettnes on Sørøya show traces of hunting and fishing communities with historic roots going as far back as nine to ten thousand years. Evidence shows that these communities had early contact with the outside world.

Historically, despite setbacks such as citywide fires, extreme weather and total destruction during World War 2, Hammerfest has always rose from the ashes to reinvent itself and evolve. This is mainly due to its outward looking and future-oriented people. In 1891, local engineers constructed Northern Europe’s first hydroelectric power station, providing electricity for street lighting and homes.

We can see the same vitality and faith in the future in Hammerfest today. Now it is the oil industry, trade, aqua- culture and fishing which form the basis of the economy and its inhabitants who, as always, are the driving force. Around 75 different nationalities live in Hammerfest today and many people migrate here for work. The combination of unique natural advantages and a multi-cultural population, which has traditionally adapted itself to the challenges of the day, help make Hammerfest a vital coastal community ready to seize new opportunities.

We hope that this brochure will give you a little taste of what it means to live in a growing coastal community. Perhaps you will even be inspired to be a part of this development towards creating a sustainable future in the north, hopefully starting in Hammerfest.

Raise your eyes – gaze northward – seize the opportunities!

Alf E. Jakobsen


Hammerfest - a great place to live!

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