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Sammen for Hammerfest!
Hammerfest - porten til Barentshavet

Hammerfest - the gateway to the Barents Sea

Hammerfest is the host municipality for Statoil's LNG facility (Snøhvit)
and ENI's regional and local office and operating organisation for the
Goliat field.

As a result of the introduction of petroleum activities in the Barents Sea,
both national and international suppliers have opened offices in the
region, opening the door to a number of new and interesting jobs.

Since the final decision was reached to develop Snøhvit and until the
time of writing, the region of Hammerfest has gained more than 1,000
new jobs and the town's population has risen by approx. 1,000 persons,
with the highest rate of growth identified within the age group of 19 to
39 years.

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